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« Yup, » I replied casually, « If now is okay with you. » »Yeah, it’s our turn, now. » Demanded Jan. »Oh, I’ve listened to dad explain his deals and rationalizing things all my life, » John replied. « And I figure I’m going to be a stockbroker like him one day, only I’ll make more money than he has. »Jenna pulled my bra apart and I straightened my arms for her to slide the straps off. Instead she grabbed the front and yanking it down caused my breasts to spring free.

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« Try telling her parents that if she does something stupid when we’re supposed to be keeping an eye out. » Doug rolled his eyes, but I kept going. »So what, » Kelly said. « You afraid to skinny-dip with me? » she asked, smiling at him. »Not lately, but…you never know. » Anne replied, and then made a sidelong glance towards Kent beside her.A few seconds later the women stopped kissing and smiled against each other’s lips. The older woman said something, looked into her eyes … and the other woman disappeared. Ruth found herself cursing internally that she couldn’t make out their conversation from below. She wondered if they were leaving the hotel…

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